ASU Campus Movie Fest Preview

Film festivals are great for beginning filmmakers and actors to break into the industry. They provide experience for beginners and notoriety for the more advanced filmmakers. The big film festivals like SundanceCannes, and the Toronto Film Fest are some of the most well known festivals, but those aren’t the only way to network up the industry. The world’s largest student film festival, Campus Movie Fest, is at Arizona State next week and has just as much potential to propel someone to the big leagues.

Ray David, a film student at Arizona State, submitted a film for next week’s festival and is looking for some publicity from the event. “I want recognition as a filmmaker. Not like fame, just people seeing the films I make and maybe wanting to collaborate,” David said. David has been making short films for many years with his friends and says at times it is hard to find actors. “Most of my actors are family members or good friends and even then it’s difficult,” said David. The Campus Movie Fest isn’t the end-all be-all for David, however. His goals for filmmaking are to bring his vision exactly as he sees it to an audience, and the Campus Movie Fest is just another avenue to do that. “The important thing to me is to be able to bring my vision, exactly as I see it, to people. To be able to make a film that audiences love and that people constatnly want to come back and see the next one.”

Another film participant in the festival is Brian Moreland, who is relatively new to the filmmaking process. Moreland wanted something different out of the film festival. “I wanted the experience more than anything else. [I wanted] to feel the pressure of time and engage in friendly competition in filming, something I’ve never been familiar with,” Moreland said.

Both examples show the importance of opportunities like the Campus Movie Fest and what it can do for aspiring filmmakers and actors. I strongly suggest getting involved with a film festival for your own experience, and also to share what you love with hundreds of other people who love the same thing.

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